Schedule & Results, Kyla Kowalik Memorial (11th Annual), 2017-2018 (Wilmot Girls Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, January 12, 2018
PEEWEE-BPW29:30 AMOP Brantford Ice Cats1-5Burlington Barracudas #2
PEEWEE-APW110:30 AMOP London Devilettes Vipers0-5Mitchell Meteors
MIDGET-AMD111:00 AMSH Ancaster Avalanche Blue4-0Central York Aurora Purple People Eaters
MIDGET-BMD311:30 AMOP Burlington Back In Black6-0Kitchener Lady Rangers Red
MIDGET-AMD212:00 PMSH Wilmot Wolverines1-6Twin Centre Hericanes
MIDGET-BMD412:30 PMOP Waterloo Ravens #30-0Windsor Wildcats
PEEWEE-BPW61:00 PMSH South County Predators Harrow White6-0Brantford Ice Cats
PEEWEE-APW51:30 PMOP Wilmot Wolverines3-0London Devilettes Vipers
ATOM-AAT12:00 PMSH Burlington Smashing Pumpkins0-2Kitchener Lady Rangers Blue
ATOM-BAT42:30 PMOP Wilmot Wolverines #27-5Twin Centre Hericanes
ATOM-AAT23:00 PMSH Wilmot Wolverines #13-3Waterloo Ravens #3
ATOM-BAT33:30 PMOP Kitchener Lady Rangers Red6-1Sudbury Red Dragons
NoviceNV14:00 PMSH Kitchener Lady Rangers White0-1South Huron Sabres
MIDGET-AMD54:30 PMOP Central York Aurora Purple People Eaters0-2Twin Centre Hericanes
NoviceNV25:00 PMSH Wilmot Wolverines0-5Twin Centre Hericanes
MIDGET-AMD65:30 PMOP Ancaster Avalanche Blue3-1Wilmot Wolverines
PEEWEE-APW36:00 PMSH Mitchell Meteors2-4Wilmot Wolverines
ATOM-AAT56:30 PMOP Kitchener Lady Rangers Blue2-2Waterloo Ravens #3
PEEWEE-BPW47:00 PMSH Burlington Barracudas #20-3South County Predators Harrow White
ATOM-AAT67:30 PMOP Burlington Smashing Pumpkins2-4Wilmot Wolverines #1
MIDGET-BMD88:00 PMSH Burlington Back In Black3-3Waterloo Ravens #3
MIDGET-BMD79:00 PMSH Kitchener Lady Rangers Red0-3Windsor Wildcats
Saturday, January 13, 2018
NoviceNV49:00 AMSH Kitchener Lady Rangers White3-0Wilmot Wolverines
NoviceNV310:00 AMSH South Huron Sabres0-2Twin Centre Hericanes
MIDGET-AMD910:30 AMOP Twin Centre Hericanes2-4Ancaster Avalanche Blue
ATOM-BAT1211:00 AMSH Sudbury Red Dragons2-5Wilmot Wolverines #2
MIDGET-AMD1011:30 AMOP Central York Aurora Purple People Eaters3-2Wilmot Wolverines
ATOM-BAT1112:30 PMOP Twin Centre Hericanes4-6Kitchener Lady Rangers Red
PEEWEE-CHPW-Q11:00 PMSH Brantford Ice Cats0-8Mitchell Meteors
PEEWEE-CHPW-Q22:00 PMSH London Devilettes Vipers1-3Burlington Barracudas #2
MIDGET-BMD112:30 PMOP Windsor Wildcats3-4Burlington Back In Black
NoviceNV53:00 PMSH Twin Centre Hericanes2-1Kitchener Lady Rangers White
MIDGET-BMD123:30 PMOP Kitchener Lady Rangers Red1-3Waterloo Ravens #3
NoviceNV64:00 PMSH South Huron Sabres4-0Wilmot Wolverines
ATOM-AAT94:30 PMOP Waterloo Ravens #30-1Burlington Smashing Pumpkins
ATOM-BAT75:00 PMSH Sudbury Red Dragons1-7Twin Centre Hericanes
ATOM-AAT105:30 PMOP Kitchener Lady Rangers Blue0-0Wilmot Wolverines #1
ATOM-BAT86:00 PMSH Kitchener Lady Rangers Red9-3Wilmot Wolverines #2
PEEWEE-CHPW-S16:30 PMOP Mitchell Meteors1-3South County Predators Harrow White
PEEWEE-CHPW-S27:00 PMSH Burlington Barracudas #20-3Wilmot Wolverines
MIDGET-CHMD-S17:30 PMOP Waterloo Ravens #32-0Ancaster Avalanche Blue
MIDGET-CHMD-S28:30 PMOP Twin Centre Hericanes0-6Burlington Back In Black
Sunday, January 14, 2018
ATOM-CHAT-S18:00 AMSH Wilmot Wolverines #23-2Kitchener Lady Rangers Blue
ATOM-CHAT-S28:30 AMOP Wilmot Wolverines #10-5Kitchener Lady Rangers Red
NOV-CHFINAL9:00 AMSH South Huron Sabres0-3Twin Centre Hericanes
PEEWEE-CHPW-FINAL9:30 AMOP South County Predators Harrow White0-1Wilmot Wolverines
MIDGET-CHMD-FINAL10:15 AMSH Waterloo Ravens #31-2Burlington Back In Black
ATOM-CHAT-FINAL11:30 AMSH Wilmot Wolverines #22-9Kitchener Lady Rangers Red
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