Required Equipment (Wilmot Girls Hockey)

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The following is a list of equipment that each Girl is required to have in order to play hockey.

  1. CSA Approved Hockey Helmet Face Mask
  2. Mouth Guard (recommended)
  3. Neck protector
  4. Chest/shoulder pad protector
  5. Elbow Pads
  6. Hockey Gloves
  7. Jill Protector (girls’ version of Jock protector)
  8. Hockey Pants
  9. Shin Pads
  10. Skates
  11. Hockey Socks* (provided by WGHA)
  12. Hockey Jersey* (season usage compliments of WGHA)
  13. Hockey Skates
  14. Hockey Stick (Cut the Length between Nose and Chin to the Floor with Skates on)