Team Staff Roles & Responsibilities (Wilmot Girls Hockey)

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WHGA Team Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Head Coach/ Assistant Coaches

To teach a variety of skills, both on and off ice, to supervise the players to create a safe, social and welcoming environment.

The Head Coach is ultimately responsible for:

  • Ensuring players and team staff members represent WHGA and Wilmot Township to other communities in a respectful and appropriate manner.

  • Keeping parents informed.This communication may be accomplished by email, newsletters and parent meetings.The HeadCoach and Manager may work together to divide these responsibilities as they wish.

All coaches must:

  • Coach with the idea of teaching skills, fair play and good sportsmanship.

  • Teach the players to play fair and to respect the rules, officials and opponents.

  • Ensure all players get equal instruction and support time.

  • Foster an environment of regular and effective communication with the parents.

  • Pick their teams to create fairness in numbers and applicable skill sets between teams.

  • Support the decisions of the Executive and question Executive decisions privately; the same will be expected of the Executive in dealing with coaching issues.

  • Ensure only players rostered with the team, or called as a valid pick-up player, play in any games.

  • Ensure all league rules, regulations and policies are adhered to for the league in which your team is playing.

  • Ensure proper accreditation



To ensure the health and safety of the players, both on and off ice, to supervise the players to create a safe, social and welcoming environment.

We strongly recommend the trainer be a female.

The trainer must:

  • Ensure first aid kit is adequately supplied prior to games/practices/team related events. Contact the Head Trainer of the WGHA if additional basic supplies are required.

  • Be present and have their first-aid kit at all OWHA events; games, practices and dry land training.If the team trainer cannot be present, it is their responsibility to find a replacement who is a registered trainer.If the team trainer cannot make a game at the last minute and you have no replacement, you may request to utilize the trainer from the opposing team.That trainer must sign both sides of the game sheet.

  • Collect medical information for all players and keep it confidential, but have it readily available if required in an emergency.

  • Manage the safety of WHGA player and complete an injury report in the event of an injury, and submit a copy to OWHA and the Head Trainer of the WGHA. Communicate any necessary follow‐up care with parents in the event of a serious injury

  • Ensure proper accreditation




To provide administrative support to the Head Coach and the WGHA Executive.

The Team Manager shall circulate any communications from the Association, and ensure parents know how to access the team page on our website in order to view the game and practice schedule for the team, in addition to team news, events, etc..


The manager must:

  • Coordinate the forms (including the WGHA Code of Conduct)/ payments / information for the team.

  • Coordinate travel arrangements including booking hotels and restaurants

  • Book Tournaments and exhibition games (approved by the coach)

  • Communicate parent‐coach meetings

  • Handle the team finances including collecting and tracking all fees from players (e.g. rep fees, tournament fees, team fees, name bar money). Submitting the required fees to the WGHA, by the due date on behalf of the team & according to the WGHA guidelines below

  • Distribute and/or coordinate other WGHA fundraising activities for the team

  • Obtain executive approval for any team fundraising

  • Report game results promptly according to league rules and regulations, unless completed by team statistician

  • Ensure game sheets are properly completed, contain all necessary details (game date, time, teams, and curfew information) and are signed by all players (Rep teams only) and team staff, unless completed by team statistician

  • Provide game reports to local media (this may be done by a volunteer other than the manager), unless completed by team statistician

  • Other duties as assigned by the Head Coach



To enter all necessary game related data as per the requirement of the league.

The team statistician must:

  • Validate the team schedule where necessary and post if applicable

  • Prepare player/coach labels and complete necessary game information on game sheet

  • Ensure game sheets are properly completed, contain all necessary details (game date, time, teams, and curfew information) and are signed by all players (Rep teams only) and team staff.

  • Report game results promptly according to league rules and regulations.

  • Other duties as assigned by the Head Coach/ Manager

Parent Liaison

To help support a positive environment where all individuals are treated fairly and with respect.

Communicate with the coaching staff any concerns or questions brought forth by players and/or parents. All communication differences directed towards the Coach from a parent should be made through the Parent Liaison. See WGHA Complaints Process.

The Parent Liaison must be voted by the parents group from under the team and the name of the Parent Liaison must be sent to the Division Director (WGHA Executive).

The team parent liaison must:

  • Be familiar with the WGHA Code of Conduct

  • The Parent rep is expected to act as a role model and their actions need to reflect the commitment they have made to create a safe, social and welcoming environment

  • Ensure parents know the complaint process for matters relating to hockey

  • If contacted by a parent, communicate the concern to the team staff and arrange a meeting if necessary. Call the Division Director prior to the meeting to advise them of the situation and ask for direction if needed; have the Director attend should the situation warrant it. If the Director did not attend, contact them following the meeting to let them know if the problem was resolved or whether further action needs to be taken

  • Attend all team/parent meetings

  • Ensure that parent privacy and confidentiality is given (do not discuss matters with other parents or coaching staff on or off the team)