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  • No Scores ReportedFundamentals 1
    Coached by Erik King. Team staff include Jessica Baptie, Troy Chessell, Allyssa Schnurr, Deanna Strauss. Latest news: "Reminder" (Feb 22). Next event: "Wolverines vs Woolwich" (1:30 PM-2:30 PM).
  • No Scores ReportedFundamentals 2
    No coaches have been assigned to this team. Latest news: "THIS WEB PAGE IS NOT IN USE" (Sep 25).
  • 0 - 17 - 0
    Novice LL
    Coached by Chris Coombs. Team staff include Janelle Coombs, Laura Cross, Todd Girodat, Nick Lazarevich, Steve Tottenham, Adam Van Den Berge.
  • 10 - 36 - 2
    Novice C
    Coached by Scott Agnello. Team staff include Matt Bender, Melissa Pfaff, Joe Zitzelberger, Bert Caputo, Lindsey Kocher, Lesley Bender. Latest news: "The Novice B Wolverines Want to Thank Their Corporate Sponsors" (Nov 17). Next event: "Goalie Coach Vinny Session" (6:30 AM-7:30 AM).
  • 5 - 8 - 3
    Atom LL1
    Coached by Kevin Vieira, Mike Colquhoun, Ed Jermol. Team staff include Stacey Dineen, Erin Montag, Jessica Varga. Latest news: "Tournament Fun!" (Jan 14). Next event: "AtomLL1 Team Dinner" (5:00 PM-6:30 PM).
  • 26 - 8 - 2
    Atom LL2
    Coached by Mike Cinelli. Team staff include Jessica Forler, Tim Forler, Jodie Honderich, Leslie Moore, Kelly Rempel, Wyatt Rempel, Raymond Ruston. Latest news: "THE ATOM LL2 GIRLS WANT TO THANK THEIR COOPERATE SPONSORS" (Jan 03).
  • 42 - 3 - 3
    Atom A
    Coached by Chad Greenlee. Team staff include Sandra Cook, Allison Greenlee, Sarah Henhoeffer, Chris McPhee, Chris Turner. Latest news: "The Wilmot Wolverines Atom A team took part in the Stratford Aces Festival Cup Challenge tournament. " (Dec 10).
  • 6 - 32 - 11
    Atom B
    Coached by Jeff McPhee. Team staff include Jennifer Knezevic, Leslie Moore, Alison Randall, Stephen Randall, Jared Snyder, Shannon Snyder, Lisa Wright.
  • 25 - 6 - 4
    Peewee LL
    Coached by Dan Fronchak. Team staff include Brenda Burns, Brandon Chilvers, Melanie Chilvers, Sherry Dolbeck, Jason Harding, Sue Laverty, Rick Livingstone, Karen Walker. Sponsored by New West Gypsum Recycling, Septimatech. Latest news: "Peewee LL Wolverines strike gold at the Stoney Creek Sweethearts tournament!" (Feb 09).
  • 11 - 20 - 11
    Peewee A
    Coached by Matt Schweitzer. Team staff include Deanna Bater, Anna Clifford, Brett Clifford, Kal Deep, Yolanda Galambos, Jon Lencz, Andrea West. Latest news: "November is World Diabetes Awareness Month" (Nov 23).
  • 12 - 22 - 10
    Peewee B
    Coached by Matt Campbell. Team staff include Becky Bender, Ian Collins, Penny Collins, Stephen Dajka, Brad Ellig, Heather Gallian, Duane Gingerich, Christine Honderich, Rob Waechter. Sponsored by Wheels on Peel Cycle & Sport, Mercer Mercato, Play It Again Sports, Bloom, Baden Dental, Big Als, D & W Auto Body Supplies, Premier Equipment, PeopleCare Communities, Scotiabank, Paris Fashions & Embroidery. Latest news: "Wilmot Wolverines Peewee B Score Silver" (Dec 15).
  • 11 - 2 - 2
    Bantam LL
    Coached by Shane Adam. Team staff include Katrina Adam, Katrina Adam, Spencer Adam, Matthew Bell, Rick Schultz, Jeff Sommer, Kim Tremblay. Latest news: "Player of the Game" (Jan 09).
  • 5 - 10 - 2
    Bantam B
    Coached by Jacob Dickie. Team staff include Scott Hehn, Dean Honderich, Sheri Karelsen, Shelly Schenk, Cheryl Warkentin, Adrian Walker, Anne Dickie, Lindsay Eenkooren.
  • 17 - 11 - 16
    Bantam BB
    Coached by Rich Kumpf. Team staff include Dave Bast, Holly Bast, Stephanie Carter, Steve Carter, Laurie Ferrede, Cori Knorr, Rob Knorr. Latest news: "Wilmot Bantam BB Win Gold at Kitchener Fall Fest" (Nov 30).
  • 5 - 9 - 5
    Midget LL
    Coached by Kyle Bard. Team staff include Ross Baker, Kristin Bard, Chris Caslick, Melanie Duckworth, Stewart Duckworth, Josef Frank, Carol Zalac.
  • 18 - 4 - 1
    Midget C
    Coached by Dave Randerson. Team staff include Nick Armstrong, Brenda Brown, Howie Brown, Jeff Jantzi, Jo-Anne Randerson, Angela Wagler. Next event: "Provincial Tournament" (4/06/18-4/08/18).
  • 12 - 25 - 5
    Midget B
    Coached by Jim Scott. Team staff include Sandra Cook, Doug Lamond, Brent Martin, Chris McIntyre, Tabatha McIntyre, Dan O'Connell, Wendy Scott, Lee Zacharczuk.
  • 1 - 14 - 3
    Coached by Jason Zehr. Team staff include Greg Brunk, Tricia Brunk, Kent Foster, Kent Foster, Rob Litwiller, Faith Martin, Stacey Zehr.
  • 7 - 20 - 5
    Senior B
    Coached by Tom Williams. Team staff include Michele Brenneman, Allan Bruce, JoAnn Scott. Latest news: "World Girls Hockey Weekend - Senior B" (Oct 07).
  • No Scores ReportedWomen's Fundamentals
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
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