Registration Information 2021-2022 (Wilmot Girls Hockey)

PrintRegistration Information 2021-2022

We have now opened registration for the 2021/22 season.

We will be taking a similar approach to the upcoming season as we did last year. We are planning to break the season into three payments that are in line with the amounts that were established last year. Please note, we didn't charge the third installment last season because of the lockdown, but we are expecting a complete season with three payment installments in 2021/22. The anticipated payment plan for this season below, these costs will be finalized upon release of the 2021-22 plans from OWHA.

Players will have to be registered within their age for the 2021/22 season, please see the association age chart.

The deadline for initial registration is August 1st.


Base registration fee

1st installment

2nd Installment (due Nov. 1)

3rd Installment (due Jan 1)



$250 + $40 Fundraising

$150 + $40 Fundraising




$300 + $40 Fundraising

$175 + $40 Fundraising




$300 + $40 Fundraising

$175 + $40 Fundraising + expected $150 rep fee for rep players

$150 + $150 rep fee for rep players



$300 + $40 Fundraising

$175 + $40 Fundraising + expected $165 rep fee for rep players

$155 + $160 rep fee for rep players



$300 + $40 Fundraising

$200 + $40 Fundraising + expected $165 rep fee for rep players

$155 + $160 rep fee for rep players



$300 + $40 Fundraising

$200 + $40 Fundraising + expected $165 rep fee for rep players

$155 + $160 rep fee for rep players



$300 + $40 Fundraising

$200 + $40 Fundraising + expected $165 rep fee for rep players

$155 + $160 rep fee for rep players

  Senior: we are not sure regarding the league but are hopeful to have a season and more information will come out soon. 

Rep Hockey

OWHA has approved tryouts for the upcoming season. We will be opening tryout registration in the near future and we will send a communication to the membership when that is available.

The WGHA executive has met and discussed our goal of rep teams happening in the following age groups. These numbers are anticipated but could change depending on registration:

1 rep team for U11 and U9.
2 rep teams for each of U13, U15, and U18.
Each age group would also have at least 1 Local League team.

All of these goals are based on the number of registrations which currently sits lower than what we would want. Please encourage your friends or others to register if they have not already done so.

The level of each rep team will be decided on by the coaches and the executive and will be based on where each team could play and stay competitive.  The OWHA is expecting a much more "normal year" and we look forward to having to answer any of your questions.

Permission to Skate and Releases

OWHA has approved Permission to Skates.  WGHA players wishing to obtain a permission to skate must complete the on-line form. This will be active and posted on our website soon.  

The WGHA will only issue Permission to Skate forms for levels higher than are being offered by the WGHA. In order to get a Permission to Skate form, the player must register and pay for tryouts for the WGHA.

It is the WGHA policy to approve player movement when the player is moving to play at a higher level than what is being offered by the WGHA. Releases may be evaluated by members of the WGHA Executive. The WGHA reserves the right to deny a release if it is deemed to be detrimental to a WGHA team or program. In the case of a parent disagreeing with a decision made by the WGHA, an appeal will need to be made by the affected parent to the OWHA.

Registration is open now at the link below:

Financial assistance:


Registration Payment/Refund policy  

Our refund policy may need to be adjusted given the current unknowns for the 2021- 2022 season.  This will be communicated with updated dates and information if necessary once we have more information.
For all levels, if a refund is requested prior to September 20th, a full refund, including fundraising fee, will be granted. If requested after September 20th, a $100 refund administration fee will be applied.  The following stipulations will also apply to any refunds requested after September 20th; 

If a player sustains a season ending injury up to December 31, a refund, prorated based on when the injury was sustained will be provided if requested. The player/parents must supply a doctor’s note stating that this player will not be able to return to play for the duration of the season in order to receive this refund.

If a player receives player suspension for the duration of the season as assessed by the OWHA, there will be no refunds provided.

If a player requests a refund for other reasons, the following refund, including the fundraising fee will apply less the $100.00 administration fee:
       - If requested from September 20 - September 30 - less the  $100.00 admin fee only 

       - If requested in October up to October 31 - 75% 

       - If requested in November up to November 30 - 50% 

       - If requested in December up to December 31 - 25% 

The WGHA Executive reserves the right to deny or grant a refund, and set the amount of the refund, depending on the circumstances of the refund request 

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