Novice Half Ice F.A.Q. (Wilmot Girls Hockey)

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NOVICE Program F.A.Q  

I have heard  that the Novice program is changing 

Yes. Hockey Canada is changing the Novice program in 2019-2020 to a combination of ½ ice until January with a transition to full Ice after January

Will the changes apply to House League programs only?

No. Hockey Canada changes will be implemented for both representative programs and house league programs.

Will Novice be both 7 year old and 8 year old age groups?

The intent is that both 7 and 8 year olds will start the year playing ½ ice.  8 year olds will transition to full ice after January.  
Hockey Canada has left it up to the individual organizations for how this transition is delivered.
Some of the yet to be decided options are:
  - 8 year old transition to Full ice, 7 year olds continue with ½ ice 
  - Both 7 and 8 year old transition to Full ice
  - Program is repeated for 7 year olds the following year

What is Wilmot doing to Prepare for the Novice programs?

For the 2017/18 Session Wilmot Novice local league teams participated in a pilot program with 4 other centres and the KGLL.  The intent of the programs was so see how regularly scheduled half ice hockey can work with different centres, coaches, and players.  
We have agreement with NHHA to share and maintain ½ boards, nets and other equipment as needed. 

What will Novice Rep half ice hockey look like  for 2019/2020?

Wilmot is working with the OWHA and Lower Lakes Female Hockey League that we participate in.  Information about the programs will be posted once it is available.

What will Novice house league half ice hockey look like?

Wilmot is working with the OWHA and Kitchener Girls Local League that we participate in.  Information about the programs will be posted once it is available.


Will other centres be offering FULL ice only for Novice?

No. It is the mandate of Hockey Canada that all centres and leagues follow the new Novice Program Guide

Will there be half ice Novice tournaments?

Yes, although it will be up to each individual tournament convener. In 2018-19, Wilmot added half-ice divisions to the Kyla Kowalik Memorial Tournament for Novice Local League and Fundamentals.  We are looking to expand this offering for next year and we expect many other centres to do the same.

Will Wilmot continue to allow Novice players to play in Atom?

Wilmot will follow the rostering rules as set forth by the OWHA.  At this time, there is NO indication that the OWHA will approve Novice age players at Atom level, but we will follow the OWHA and update this page when new information is available.

Will there be Novice Rep tryouts for the 2019-20 season?

Yes. Novice team formations, evaluations or tryouts will be held the Tuesday following Labour Day at the earliest, in accordance with the Initiation and Novice Seasonal Structures put out by the OWHA.
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