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Player Registration 2017-2018

 Registration for the 2017-2018 season will be different this season. Rep team tryouts - with the exception of Novice and Senior B will be held in the Spring - concluding May 15. Rep team players that have been selected will be required to register first to be completed by May 15th. Local League, Fundamentals and Senior registration will open May 19th.
There will be no early bird fee this year but we are capping team numbers so register early to ensure your spot. If paying by cheque, payments must be received to confirm your spot. Fundamental does not have player caps. Late fees of $100.00 take into effect July 15 for Novice to Intermediate. For Senior and Fundamentals it will take into effect for Sept 1. Players brand new to Wilmot will be exempt from the late fee.

There will be nights scheduled for families that wish to pay by cheque to drop off payments.

 Fees are as follows:

Level -

Regular Fees – May 19 - July 15, 2017

Late Fees – after

July 16, 2017 except Fundamentals and Senior

 Rep Team Fee include Fund raising fee of $80.00 and Rep Fee of $260.00


500.00 + 80.00 Fund Raising Fee

500.00 + 80.00 Fund Raising Fee until Sept. 1 - then fee goes up to 600.00 + Fund raising fee  NA

Novice - B* and LL

520.00 + 80.00 Fund Raising fee

620.00 + 80.00 Fund Raising fee


Atom - LL

520.00 + 80.00 Fund Raising fee

620.00 + 80.00 Fund Raising fee

 Atom A and B - $860.00

Pee Wee - LL

520.00 + 80.00 Fund Raising fee

620.00 + 80.00 Fund Raising fee

 Pee Wee A and B -

Bantam - LL

550.00 + 80.00 Fund Raising fee

620.00 + 80.00 Fund Raising fee

 Bantam BB and B - $890.00

Midget - LL

550.00 + 80.00 Fund Raising fee

650.00 + 80.00 Fund Raising fee

 Midget B -

Intermediate (LL only)

550.00 + 80.00 Fund Raising fee 650.00 + 80.00 Fund Raising fee  
Senior B 595.00 - includes registration, 80.00 fund raising and fees for 2 tournaments After Sept. 1- 695.00 - includes registration, 80.00 fund raising and fees for 2 tournaments  

NOTE: An Intermediate Local League team will only run if we have sufficient numbers. In Midget we plan to field both rep and Local League. The Intermediate team would be an additional team. If Midgets were to be on the Intermediate team, it would only be third year Midget players on a volunteer basis.

We are again accepting payments either by credit card or by cheque. If paying by cheque we will accept three equal payments, on the first, the date of registration with the second cheque postdated for September 1, 2017 and the third dated December 1, 2017. Note: If paying by cheque for the early bird registration, your first cheque must be received by July 15, 2017 or you will be subject to the late fees.

If Financial assistance is required, please notify the Registrar. It is the responsibility of the parent requesting assistance to apply first for Jump Start and or Wilmot Family Resource Center assistance and to let the Registrar know that you have proceeded to apply.

All post- dated cheques must accompany the initial payment or your daughter will not be allowed to participate in tryouts or on ice activities until all cheques are received. If there are financial barriers to making the payments, please contact the registrar and alternate arrangements can be made.

 NSF Charge is $15. If paying by cheque, payable to Wilmot Girls Hockey Association Please send in copy of invoice and cheques to:



 1291 Nafziger Road, Unit 3

 Baden, Ontario N3A 0C4



Rep fees will be $260.00 for Novice B will be collected after the team has been selected.
Rep fees for Atom to Midget are being collected in the Spring Rep registrations

NOTE: ALL FIRST TIME REGISTRANTS to Wilmot Girls Hockey must supply a copy of a BIRTH CERTIFICATE with Registration, new players will not be able to play until birth certificates are on file.

First time registrants will have the late fee waived, but will be placed on a waiting list if registering after August 1 (see above).

Refund  Policy

For Local League and Fundamentals - if a refund is requested before September 15, a full refund including the fund raising fee will be granted. If after September 15, a $100.00 refund administration fee will be applied. For Rep players, in order to secure spots on the rep teams selected in the spring, players must provide a $300.00 non-refundable deposit. 

1.    If a player sustains a season ending injury up to December 31, a refund, prorated based on when the injury was sustained will be provided if requested. The player/parents must supply a doctor’s note stating that this player will not be able to return to play for the duration of the season in order to receive this refund.

2.    If a player receives player suspension for the duration of the season as assessed by the OWHA, there will be no refunds provided.

3.    If a player requests a refund for other reasons, the following refund, including the fund raising fee will apply less the $100.00 administration fee.

If requested from September 15 – September 30 – less the  $100.00 admin fee only

If requested in October up to October 31 – 75%

If requested in November up to November 30 – 50%

If requested in December up to December 31 - 25%

The WGHA Executive reserves the right to deny or grant a refund, and set the amount of the refund,  depending on the circumstances of the refund request


Out of Town Players (Non-Wolverine Players) Tryouts

If a player from another center is anticipating trying out in Wilmot, they can only do so if they have registered with Wilmot Girls Hockey for the upcoming season and have the appropriate permission to skate/release forms. If they have not registered prior to tryouts, they will not be permitted to tryout.  If they have registered and are on the waiting list, they will be notified that they are on a waiting list and will be notified if/when they can attend tryouts.


See the Offical WGHA Import Policy

Player Levels to Register At

 Players will be expected to register at the appropriate age level including Fundamentals. If a family wishes to have their fundamental age daughter move up to Novice, they must do the following:

 1.    Register their daughter at the appropriate age level - example Fundamentals.

2.     Put a request in writing to the registrar to move their daughter up to Novice.

3.     If there is room available at the novice level, the coaches of the Novice house league teams will then evaluate the player to see if that player has the ability to play at the Novice level. If it is deemed there is space and the player is at the appropriate development, the player will be moved up. If it is deemed that the player is not at the appropriate development, they will be kept at the current level.


WGHA Player Movement Policy

1.) Player movement to an upper age level for Rep will not be considered, except where initiated by the WGHA Executive for the purpose of making the upper level Rep team viable. The definition of 'viable' is that in the estimation of the Executive, without the extra player, the upper level team cannot reasonably be run .

 2.) Player movement from Fundamentals to Novice may be considered, if and only if the Novice level has room to accept additional players, and the Fundamentals player has already had two years of experience in the WGHA or other (boys hockey or other associations) Fundamentals hockey program.

             o    Fundamentals players moving up to Novice are eligible for house league teams only, unless no house league team   
                    exists at the Novice level.

              o    Parents of Fundamental age players may submit a request in writing (by Aug 1st) to have their daughter moved 
                    up to Novice House League.

              o    The WGHA will not commit to this move until team rosters have been set on (Sept 15 ) where final numbers 
                    at both Novice and Fundamentals can be assessed.

 3.) Player movement to an upper age level for House League may be initiated by the WGHA Executive, for the purpose of making teams at either level viable.

 4.) For any player movement, the WGHA will consider:

             a.) Player safety, social and skill development

             b.) Impact on other individual WGHA players at both levels

             c.) Impact on both upper and lower level teams involved

             d.) Impact on both age divisions as a whole

             e.) If the player is a goaltender, extra consideration must be given to how the move impacts individual players and 
                   teams involved.

             f.) Movement of any player is the exception rather than the rule.

 5.) A player will never be moved up more than a single age division.

 6.) Any player move must be acceptable to both the player and her parent/guardian.

 7.) Any player movement must be ratified by a vote of the Executive. This vote can take place via email if there are time constraints.

 8.) This policy is intended to serve as a guideline to help the WGHA make decisions for player movement. The WGHA reserves the right to use their collective discretion, and each situation will be considered on its own merit.


Permission to Skate and Release Request

Any player that requires a permission to skate to try out for another centre, must submit their request in writing to the attention of the Registrar. Their request must include the team, level they are trying out for along with the tryout dates. The Registrar will then prepare the documents and the family must make arrangements to pick up the forms.

Any player that wishes to be released from Wilmot Girls Hockey, must submit their request in writing to the Registrar. They must include their Name, Date of Birth, level and hockey association that they will be playing for. This request can take up to 10 days as more than one executive signature.

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